Sunday, 8 February 2015

Taking Stock

I follow a number of other blogs, for all sorts of reasons. One of my favourites is WoogsWorld - Mrs Woog is great fun, blogging every day on all things relating to life, the world and everything. She just posted with this list, that she'd 'borrowed' from another blog, so I figured, why not...? So I've copied and pasted, and here are my answers to what's going on in my life at the moment. You can go look at hers HERE.

Making: A list of what I need to do today.

Cooking: Lots of vegetables daily, because if I do enough clever things with them, it drops the semi-automatic massive meat consumption in this house! 

Drinking: Tea.

Reading: Mr Shakespeare's Bastard, by Richard B. Wright (which I discovered in the pile of books waiting to be re-shelved, and I hadn't even read it yet! Bonus!!).

Wanting: A holiday!
Looking: At the travel pages of the weekend pages...

Playing: With the kitten...because how can you not play with a kitten?
Wasting: Too much time too often (playing with the kitten...)!

Sewing: Note to's WAY too long since the machine was out. There's enough fabric in the stash to fill the gaps in the wardrobe! 

Wishing: I was three people - so much to do so little time. Although, the times I've wished that out loud, my nearest and dearest have looked a wee bit hunted...

Enjoying: That I've had ten minutes without a request from Himself for tech assistance with his Powerpoint presentation.

Waiting: For Himself to ask for assistance making his Powerpoint presentation for the umpteenth time! (Cos what I'm doing is apparently completely recreational...).

Liking: That there's a cool breeze coming through the back door and I'm right in its path.

Wondering: If my plan to build up this blog to create a better writing profile for myself will be as successful as I want it to be...

Loving: That I keep meeting the most amazing people quite unexpectedly.

Hoping: That my RA flare is well and truly over, and I can look forward to more improvement from the new biologic drug - AND that the prescription from medicare arrives soon so I can fill it before I run out completely!

Marvelling: At the resilience of the people I know who are dealing with chronic illness and still manage rich and productive lives.

Needing: COFFEE!

Smelling: Rain in the breeze - which won't please most Sydneysiders if it comes, but the hell with that, we NEED rain!

Wearing: Orange tank top and hand painted sarong that was my mother's. So, I really need to put proper clothes on so I can be presentable enough to wander down to my local for COFFEE.

Following: Mrs Woog, Styling You, Bianca Bigwords, a gazillion different book blogs - not just for the fun of it, but to take notes and learn from the gurus... 

Noticing: I really do need to clear the kitchen benches before too much more time has passed.

Knowing: If I don't clear the benches, it will irritate the hell out of me to keep walking through the kitchen!

Thinking: It's probably time to sit down and write a master plan for the projects that are happening this year so they actually do happen... 

Feeling: Like writing a master plan is like writing a business plan. I hate writing business plans!

Bookmarking: Recipes for inspiration for one of said this space!

Opening: Emails with work assignments that are falling short of what I need at the moment.

Giggling: Over the utter futility of worrying too much about things I can't change - cos if I don't laugh, I'll cry...

Feeling: Like there is a lot ahead that could mean a hell of a lot of change, and I'm trying to feel excited about it, rather than overwhelmed.

Well... I did it! That's a long list, and needed a bit more thought than I'd anticipated. Interesting though. So, have a go!! Go KNOW you want to. Drop your list in the comments, or hop across to Facebook - did you know Dragon Mother is on Facebook now??? You can find me HERE - and drop your list in the comments there.

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