Monday, 6 April 2015

April: Taking Stock

I love this idea, so I'm pinching it again from Mrs Woog, who pinched it from another blogger in turn! It does, as Mrs Woog wrote on her post, make me stop and think a bit about where I'm at, and maybe where I should be putting some more of my available energy!

So, here goes...

Making: Not much, to be honest. I don't know if thinking about making really counts - but I have LOTS of plans...

Cooking: Lots of kosher l'Pesach food. Another four and a half days of observant eating to go. It's a challenge - especially when Dragon Dad isn't as observant as I am.

Drinking: Golden Yunnan tea - imported from crazy is that? However, apart from the Berry Tea Shop (HIGHLY recommended for their home made cakes as well as their tea), I've not found anywhere in Sydney I can buy this tea for a reasonable price. T2 charge $19.99/50gms (!!!) while I can have half a kilo posted to me from A Perfect Cup in Adelaide for $45. No contest really!

Reading: Magic for Marigold - part of a Lucy Maude Montgomery binge... I've read the Pat books and the Emily trilogy. I'd not read them for ages and gobbled them up. This one doesn't have quite the tang of those two sets.

Wanting: BREAD. Still under the halfway mark through Passover, and I'm SO hungry for a good chewy slice of Brasserie bread...

Looking: For more writing work. It's a frustrating search...any suggestions MOST welcome.

Playing: Too much Yahtzee on my phone. I have a sneaking suspicion I listed this last time I did a post like this!!

Wasting: Too much time on Facebook!! It's seductive - especially when I'm not feeling well.

Sewing: In my mind... I need some clothes I feel good in and I have a lovely stash of fabric, and even some possible patterns. Just the get up and go to do anything about it is missing!

Wishing: We could buy this property...
I've always wanted to live in a warehouse conversion, and this is a beauty!

Enjoying: Callie. The difference she's made to our house is incredible. Even if she did put us through hell with three days at the vet recently, and a long slow recovery from an accident we'll never really know about. She's MUCH better now - better enough to be stealing things... SOMEWHERE stashed in the house is Dragon Dad's mascot teddy, Horatio, and a bracelet of mine. Goodness knows where. They'll turn up eventually when we stop stressing about them, I guess!
Watching Dragon Dad doing Yoga...
Waiting: To hear that the capital raising Dragon Dad's been doing for the business is all finished and stitched up, because that will mean I have some idea of when we'll make the move to Melbourne. It's been up in the air for months now...
Liking: All the rain we've been getting. I know it drowned out the Show on Saturday, and goodness knows how many other events, but having grown up in South Australia, the novelty of hours of rain (36 straight over Friday/Saturday/Sunday) never gets old!

Wondering: Why Dragon Dad feels he MUST tell me the gruesome details of the plot of the Dexter DVDs he's watching when he knows I get nightmares...

Loving: Dragon Dad. I know...schmooshy moment...but, there you go!

Hoping: That next time I get on the scales they'll have gone DOWN! I need to see that SO badly!

Marvelling: That the vaccination 'debate' is STILL polarising people's Facebook and blog posts...I don't understand why I really don't.

Needing: Bread! Oh...I said that already, didn't I?!

Smelling: The rain outside.

Wearing: Red t-shirt, black and white print baggy pants/harems, I don't know WHAT they're called and I didn't mean to buy them - I thought they were a skirt... And red shoes!

Following: The rental pages on Real - looking for the perfect nest for us to move to...

Noticing: That there really ARE things that I do around the house that no one else does, cos when I DON'T do them, they're still sitting there...

Feeling: A little bit off - a few people I know spent the Easter weekend battling horrendous gastro bugs...and I'm hoping to goodness that's not what's going on with me - although, it would strip some kilos off....

Knowing: I need to do some research and make a list of life drawing groups, ceramic collectives, and Tai Chi classes in Melbourne for when we move, so I have a better sense of it being a 'good' move for us.

Thinking: I really SHOULD go start doing that wardrobe edit/purge/clear...

Bookmarking: Recipes and knitting patterns - I WANT to be doing stuff, just battling the fatigue. So, hopefully, when I can get past that, my stack of pages will be wonderful inspiration.

Opening:The back door now that that shower has passed - the wind was blowing it all in onto the sun room floor!

So, how would you fill out this list?


  1. I envy your move to Melbourne and I wonder what the accident was that Callie had? She looks lovely by the way. Cats are always a source of stress. We have an extra one now, he moved in the end of last winter after sitting under the house meowing for a week in the cold, I finally caught him and tried to find his owner but despite best efforts no one claimed him and now we are stuck with him. He is the fourth feline member of the household and I think with his arrival I crossed the one cat short of mad cat lady line.

    1. We'll probably never know, Arabella. She got herself inside, but couldn't move properly, was breathing oddly, so I got her to the vet. It was subcutaneous emphysema - which could only have happened in a fall. They kept her in and by the next day her tongue was all ulcerated, so we think she possibly had a go at an insect and got bitten, fell, etc... Three nights at the vet and two weeks of antibiotics - and a lot of forced handfeeding in between. But she's MUCH better now.
      My cousin has SEVEN cats, so you have a little catching up to do before you're anywhere near crazy cat lady status I think!!

  2. Can so relate to the plans and ideas and bookmarks and patterns and ... and ... and ... but then to get over the fatigue to actually put thought into action is something else. Always scared that if I throw myself wholeheartedly into something, there won't be enough energy left to do the things that must be done, ...those things you noticed when they didn't get done because we are the ones that do them!
    WIshing you the energy to get through everything you NEED to do and enough left over to do what you WANT to do!

    1. I SO know exactly what you mean, Jodie! It's that whole energy thing that stops me half the time... Short things, small projects, yes. It's the longer ones that will take more than that first day to get through... I know you get it - I love seeing when you've finished a project :-) I don't have that many to my credit at the moment, I must say, and there's a pretty strict hierarchy that governs what I chose to do next. Certainly, if it's going to earn me a few $$$, it'll be put ahead of some sewing!
      I hope you're feeling MUCH better and can get on with some of the things you want to do too!