Sunday, 27 September 2015

#RABlog Week: Day 7 RA Blogs I read

It's the last day of the #RABlog Week event. I think I'm going to miss it... It's been something of an effort to post each day - something I rarely do - but at the same time, I've enjoyed digging around where I'm at on different aspects of the day to day aspect of living with RA. It's also been amazing reading posts by other bloggers who are participating. To those of you who have stopped by and read my posts - thank you! Thank you for spending time here. And to those of you who have left comments, thank you so much for your feedback!
This last post is about other RA blogs I have read. Some have stuck in my mind, some I've identified strongly with, some not so much. One thing that's been a stand out for me has been the general tone of positivity in the posts I've read. So much courage, so many people with fantastic attitudes, so much humour, and so little self pity. It's been uplifting and encouraging to feel that, in the face of so many stories of such difficulty and challenges. 

So, particular bloggers...

I've been following Arthritic Chick for some time. The internet was in its infancy when I was first diagnosed, and certainly, there was no social media. When it all changed for me over the last few years, I went online to find resources - particularly about biologics. I found AC's blog and spent a lot of time plowing through it. I love that she's such a fighter, and that she's local, so the information about the medical system was relevant for me. We're now good friends, and that's something I treasure. We encouraged each other a lot through this week of blogging.

I found Lene Andersen's blog about twelve months ago, I think - around the time I became part of an Australian online support group. Her story is so different to mine - although, we could all say that about each other, given the vagaries of the disease. But again, I found someone who was so articulate, such a fighter, and so busy finding ways around the disease to keep living! It's been great reading Lene's posts this week, and hearing what she had to say to the daily prompts. 

A new one I enjoyed this week was Kat Elton's Blog - I really loved the exercise post. AC and I keep pushing exercise in the support group we both belong to - sometimes we get howled down, sometimes we get people responding's a sometimes fraught topic. I loved Kat's tone in that post.

I've also enjoyed 'meeting' Lawrence 'Rick' Phillips - after having his emails in my inbox! I take my hat off to you, Rick, for coordinating this event, and contributing your own posts as well. I loved reading your I feel supported post - you and I were the only ones to play with that wild card, I think and wrote such very different posts!

I think those differences and similarities happening simultaneously in so many of the posts I read were an integral part of the richness of this experience - both writing and reading through this week. There were other posts I read, but I can't remember whose they were, because brain fog! AND, my head will NOT make lists. It's been great - and I hope it happens again next year. If so, I will definitely be there...

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