Thursday, 29 October 2015

October - taking stock...

Mrs Woog - WHERE would I be without you some days...? I've had a huge list of writing to dos, and top of the list has been paid work, so that had to come first. now I'm left with a backlog of blogging that has to be done. So, to kick start that, I'm taking the 'easy' way out and pinching this idea from Mrs Woog again - I did one of these a while back and found it to be an interesting exercise. Feel free to pinch it from me, and also to drop some of your stuff from the list into the comments - sharing is caring, and all that know...!

Making: A new dress for the first time in absolutely forever. It's cut out and ready to go.
Cooking: Lots of different vegetable dishes - tired of salads all the time.
Drinking: Monkey 47 Dry Gin with Fevertree tonic. AWESOME.
Reading: Second Half First, Drusilla Modjeska. Actually, just finished it, now going back and rereading bits. Look for a review on Books Anonymous soon...
Wanting: More new books by Drusilla Modjeska, and to meet her again (bucket list item).
Looking: At my list of things to do - I wish someone could explain to me how lists just keep growing...
Playing: Scrabble on Facebook! So much fun.
Deciding: That I really do need to start de-cluttering instead of just thinking about it.
Wishing: That the de-cluttering fairies would come and do their magic so I don't have to actually DO the de-cluttering!
Enjoying: Writing blog posts where I don’t really have to think to hard, like this one! Thanks Mrs Woog! (Stole this response too...)
Waiting: To move to Melbourne - been waiting for a year's getting old.
Liking: Balmy days with a crisp breeze.
Wondering: How my eldest will go in his first full length triathlon this weekend at Noosa.
Loving: Dragon Dad. Yeah, I know...mushy moment.
Pondering: All sorts of weirdly existential things that I can't put neatly into a line or two.
Considering: Different ways to build Dragon Mother...
Buying: Books.
Watching: The new season of The Good Wife, and enjoying the change of pace.
Hoping: The games will stop and Dragon Dad will be able to move the business forward to the next stage without any more of the turkey cock posturing that's going on...
Marvelling: That the road toll isn't considerably higher, given some of the stupid things I've seen people doing on the road lately.
Cringing: The bright young things with their bottoms hanging out of too short shorts - HOW is that attractive?
Questioning: Why so many people I know seem to be going through such a hard time lately.
Smelling: Freshly mown grass - they must have just done the lawns in the park across the road.
Wearing: Best $100 I've spent in a long time: THIS
Following: SciBabe - new Facebook page that pokes at all the 'woo' out there - the anti vaxxers, paleo nuts, etc... Brilliant - sarcastic satire.
Noticing: How much thinner my hair is getting, and that the grey hairs aren't blending so much into the natural streaks as much as making a definite statement...
Knowing: The hair loss is the bloody disease and accompanying drugs, and I can't stop it.
Thinking: I really need to clear my desk - it's seriously messy.
Admiring: The spirit I see in so many people fighting serious illness.
Sorting: Books - they're all over the house again. I swear they have legs...until it's time to get back to the shelves...
Getting: Very tired of being sick and needing to be MORE inspired by the fighting spirit of other people with chronic disease so I can find my mojo again.
Coveting: More of the range from the boutique at Double Bay I love...
Disliking: Getting in the car after the stepson has driven it and being blasted out through the back window by the volume of the radio!
Opening: The front door which the stepson keeps dead bolting when he comes in late - heaven help that we have a night time emergency!
Giggling: At the antics of my cats - they're good for a few laughs every day!
Feeling: Weary. The disease seems to be changing again and it's wearing. Either that, or the drugs aren't working any more...
Snacking: Grissini - NOM!
Helping: A few people I know who are battling at the moment - at least, I hope I'm helping!
Hearing: Lots of music I used to play in orchestras when I played French Horn - I miss it.
Needing: A HOLIDAY! Seriously - it's been two years since Dragon Dad and I last got away.

I remember, last time I did a post like this, finding it an interesting process, and being surprised how long it actually takes to work through a list like this! I'll be interested to hear from any of my readers if they do one - and what it might look like...


  1. Sorry to read that your mojo is floundering... with life's ups and downs, I am sure it won't be too long before it returns. The trick is to not stress about its temporary absence and not try to force it against its will... in my experience, that seems to prolong the dip in the energy levels. "Go with the flow" (or the mojo) is my conclusion about how to handle these times, even if it is frustrating etc.
    I can understand what it is like when one's illness starts to relapse or present in new ways. The uncertainty is very unsettling, and it is draining - not just the physical symptoms but the emotional and mental strain of adjusting, finding new ways to cope and wondering what it all means.
    You are lucky to be able to earn some money through your writing. I admire you for being able to handle deadlines. Do you think the extra demands of the Creaky Bones blogging week affected your symptoms?
    Take it easy and I hope you get to have that getaway you are planning! :-)

    1. I don't think the blog week event was the issue - I didn't have other writing on that week that clashed. I did have a house guest for part of that week, and that always, however loved the guest, can be a strain. It's been a steady deterioration, so figuring out exactly what's going on will be good.
      I'm very fortunate in my editor with the bulk of the freelance work - which is for one company. She builds wriggle room into my jobs, and the odd occasion when I know I'm going to be pushing to make the deadline, she can usually buy me some extra time. As long as it's reasonably steady - the work, I can manage it. It's when there's a sudden influx of extra work, or new clients that it can get a bit out of hand...!